"Carolina...Carolina Blue was the sky...Carolina Blue were her eyes!"

BILLY RAY DEIZ & The Snowy Mountain Boys

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Check this out from MuzicNotez Magazine:

In the early 1960s a strange phenomenon was occurring. English groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were falling in love with American Soul music and introducing their versions of these songs to their audiences in Europe.

Meantime in the U-S, acts like Gladys Knight and the Pips, Martha and the Vandellas, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Temptations, The Supremes, et al, had yet to breakthrough with the American public, but they were right on the verge.

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Enter The Seven Souls.

This racially integrated Band from Los Angeles led a movement that began to expose mostly-White American audiences to the music that was about to revolutionize American rock–American Soul music; the same music the classic movie “The Blues Brothers”, captured so artfully many years later!

The Seven Souls would go on to open for James Brown and the Righteous Brothers, and they would tour Europe while the “British Invasion” led by the Beatles, was happening in the U-S.

One of the founding members of the Seven Souls, Billy Ray Deiz, was forced to leave the group when President Johnson suddenly escalated the war in Vietnam, and Billy Ray found himself training as a Marine Corps rifleman at Camp Pendleton.

He didn’t go to Vietnam, and he never lost his love for music, and he never stopped writing songs. (One of these songs, “I Still Love You” which Deiz co-wrote with Seven Souls band mate Henry Moore, has become a Northern Soul classic in the UK).

More recently Deiz, working with producer Cliff Goldmacher, assembled a stellar group of Nashville musicians to record a song that, though current, hearkens back to those classic soul days of the 1960s-”Rather Have Sooner”. And “Rather Have Sooner” is finding an audience, having recently jumped to #9 in Broadjam’s list of the top ten Indie songs in Oregon.

It’s destined to be a classic and now you can sample it for free on Soundcloud and if the mood strikes you, purchase it on Amazon.com or iTunes. You’ll find it featured on the MIGHTY GIRL ep by Billy Ray Deiz.

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Meanwhile, our Christian single, GIMME CRACKED CORN, has emerged as a true hit on RADIO AIRPLAY, formerly JANGO.  One fan calls it “smooth jazz with a message.”  It is striking a spark with Christians around the world and it’s now on iTunes as part of our SONG OF JOY EP.

Jimmy Rae of  Skope Magazine just posted a great Q and A about the SONG OF JOY EP which he will review for SKOPE in the coming weeks.  His penetrating questions capture the essence of this very special project with its special Nashville-infused songs:  featuring some of the finest musicians in the world playing my original compositions.

Thanks to Radio Airplay we are getting worldwide airplay on their hot Internet radio stations with millions of listeners and LOTS of new fans in the USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Peru, Brazil, Israel and Spain to name a few locations!  This after a successful fall promotion that saw our album, The Nashville Tracks, in rotation on 70 college radio stations from coast to coast.

The review of our brand new MIGHTY GIRL EP is now up on SKOPE Magazine and it’s a good one!

And you can buy it on both Amazon.com and on iTunes which offer free song previews of course!

And a great phone call from Michael Friedman of SKOPE Magazine calling to say that he was driving across Boston listening to our MIGHTY GIRL EP in his car stereo and loves it…especially DADDY’S COMIN’ HOME!  In fact he wanted me to know that he likes the song so much that he bought the MP3 from Amazon.com so that he could put it on his Kindle!  Yes, you can purchase our tunes on Amazon.com. iTunes and CD Baby!

Blue Pie Records, our label, has posted our “CAROLINA BLUE” music video to YouTube.  That’s Katie Slayden and two of her kids in the video.  Daryl Mitchell shot and edited and the video is getting high praise from viewers around the world:



Rolling: “Carolina Blue” Music Video, Take I…Pete Slayden and Billy Ray Deiz


This is the short version…at 4:30…The album cut runs 6:00 and it wouldn’t fit in this space!

You can  head on over to our music section and check out our other songs.  It’s like a visit to your favorite record store without all the walking!  We hope you enjoy our music and thanks, so much, for coming, we hope you’ll stay long enough to be a fan!  Cheers!